REVEALED – Marc Spelmann’s BGT Audition Magic Trick!

This is the reveal video for Marc Spelmann’s golden buzzer audition magic trick on Britain’s Got Talent. I hope this reveal video made sense for you guys. If you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe for more card and magic trick videos. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Ann inGG on

    again the only question I would like to ask is how did you become a reviewer of magic any of the people on TV shows used to be magicians did you ever do magic shows what’s your experience your history do you know card tricks? just some of the ways you talk about the speculation I don’t think so.. especially again in the area of card tricks it’s Illusions light of hand and actually some of the tricks are math and Counting

  2. Ann inGG on

    we don’t think magic is real it’s an art it’s a career. why don’t you guys have something else why does it have to be magic? tell us how a surgeon does an operation of the eye and make somebody see again

  3. Prince Jr on

    Before the golden buzzer,the judges must check the props!Everything happens so fast amd they were mesmerize or hipnotize by the performer!Now BGT disabled the comment box because the performance was rigged!

  4. Prince Jr on

    He should show the content of the books to the audience and try the pen if it contains ink…He shouldnt put the rubik cubes to the case/box (there might be some magnets or stickers hidden)…Card trick was very common!Everything was ready made and set ups with the videos!

  5. Ace Matthew Cruz on


  6. Cink Virgo on

    Its just easy for you to explain that trick..but you know what?? You can just said you respect him when you said all the words.. for me he show the best emotionally magic because of his life story..his daughter is the real magic..

  7. rakhil mohan p on

    the rubik’s cube shown finally is actually a hollow shell inside which he inserted the actual cube(that shell was already inside the rubiks’ cube box). just zoom in to the cube after its relieved and u can see there is no gap between the small cubes and all the cubes are perfectly aligned without even a slight twist.

  8. John Leonard Fernandez on

    What the hell none sense video his daughter is in backstage?? Wtf you think he’ll bring his daughter to draw with red color and say hat too shut up

  9. Richard Bowser on

    I think it’s a bit disrespectful to reveal his trick since his trick was based around his family basically what you doing is saying you don’t give a shit about his story and you just want to expose him could have said at the start of the video you respect him and thought it was amazing but instead you just thought you would be a clever cunt bloody Americans

  10. Ann inGG on

    I will say it again when you use the phrase this is like most likely most likely and you’re not deconstructing the magic trick this guy is not a professional he’s never been a magician he’s never done card tricks and I think it’s very mean and insulting to tear down a professional magician if you’re not actually deconstructing the magic trick to show how it could be done all he’s doing is some positions and saying the word most likely over and over again I think it’s insulting and it’s my opinion but I’ve done card tricks all my life. the thing is with card tricks it’s sleight-of-hand it’s not the illusion with the cabinets and it’s disappearing people. it’s an actual skill that is learned and very professional and very few people can pull it off very well he’s acting like it’s it’s really simple you where you’re going to stuff the deck that’s not how they do it. sure there’s manipulation of the cards but I’m sure he didn’t print a hundred Penguin Cards to make sure the penguin came out. saying the magician could have done this most likely I suspect is very insulting because there are professional people who deconstruct magic tricks there was a TV show where someone did it show in the truck being done and then deconstructing it to show what really happened especially with those cabinet disappearing tricks there’s been books around since the 1940s and 50s to show you how magic was done with mirrors and other things…but card tricks are different. but I think what most people find and you can read the comments once he started saying that somebody doctored up the video made this guy seems so unprofessional rude and insulting that’s not how magicians work because they’re crafted to stand in front of people and make it look like magic not use video editing I think you should apologize to the magician for saying that

  11. gabmig mago on

    What did you revealed?NOTHING..just speculations,this that what ever…The people being emotional on his magic,now thats beyond magic.May i ask you something?When is the time you cried or in tears watching a magic trick?i bet none and this is the first..Now thats unique kind of magic he did.Shame on you tryin to spoil the moment..

  12. Ann inGG on

    this is not a real deconstruction of the magic trick especially the cards this person is only guessing and it’s insulting to the magician who is a professional

  13. God Zamasu on

    Ohhh I see, why do u need to reveal his magic,your just jealous,we dont need to know how he does his magic
    his story is very sad,and we dont need you to reveal it, I dislike

  14. ian burnley on

    I enjoyed his performance but didn’t like the sob story, obviously what he went through must have been hell and fortunately it had a good ending, but I don’t like the sob story on TV sympathy act

  15. Jane Smitherson on

    His trick is typical easy set up. What I don’t like is using the idea of pity magic…using people emotion to pity on him to sell his magic…bull crap. Any person with a brain can figure it out.

  16. William Reid on

    All the hand movement is so annoying in this it makes me think your using sign language when I’m just staring at your hands making hand signals

  17. Mat Black on

    “I think”, “most likely”, “most plausible”, “I believe” – so you don’t really know how he did it

  18. Fahim Bawany on

    A bit more simple than people are guessing! Watch back and you will see…..
    1. The box of crayons gets turned upside down, they are all red in the bottom, that’s why you choose without looking.
    2. The cards with the different pics on are a similar trick to a deck called short and long cards, youtube it, you will always get the penguin!
    3. Again it doesn’t matter what’s on the Rubik’s cube as there is a 3 sided magnetic shell in the box which overlays the original once it is put in.
    4. The book has all the same pages with the same word pre circled. The Sharpie is a dud! There’s no ink in it. So it looks like Simon is putting a circle on the book but in reality it’s already done. And the video isnt tampered with at all. The outcomes are guaranteed so there will only ever be the one set of outcomes 😊


  19. Kanan Keisham on


  20. Nia Rochelle on

    This video is just for views if u watch Marc Spellman on #BGT you would see that the real magic is his life’s story. He didn’t do anything with the stickers on the cube. he didn’t force the card upon Aleshia.He didn’t do any “scamming” on #BGT. Marc deserved that golden buzzer. and this man in the video needs to hush with “he forced..” MARC DIDN’T DO ANYTHING BUT SHARE HIS LIFE STORY SO STOP HATING.

  21. Ann inGG on

    this is not a reveal video when it’s a real Reveal video you do the trick yourself with your hands doing the tricks and then you show how it’s done. you don’t insult the magician by saying he has someone editing the video and that’s why people are mad at you. I want to see you do a magic trick and then show how it is done by deconstruction. always use a video of your hands pointing to a list

  22. Ann inGG on

    you didn’t even try to pick up the deck of cards and put penguins in it and try to even maybe do that one. and you could have easily bought a box of crayons and showed how you thought that was done I’m not saying what you’re guessed may be wrong but you’re pointing to the box of cards?? absolutely nothing in the video was ever a reveal.. you’re just summarizing and guessing in words with your hands doing nothing. all I’m trying to do is get you to pay attention to what people expect in a magic reveal and you want people to follow you on your Channel? I’m sure you’ve never done a magic trick in your life and if you have then you would know how to deconstruct a trick and show how it’s done… you never even opened up the box cards???

  23. Ann inGG on

    and actually after watching the video again yours you tripped your own self up by saying he added the video by putting in the one with the red crayon but before that you said the setup was he forcing to pick the red crayon cuz he knew that was going to be the one picked so they wouldn’t need to edit the video you can’t even talk straight about what you’re talking about

  24. Kimberly O on

    I give Marc Spelmann a big THUMBS DOWN for trying to get pity votes by bringing up his sick wife and kid. The fertility issues and cancer have nothing to do with “talent”

  25. Veror123 on

    He Just played on emotions.. Nothing more, i hate these guys… Tbh, He Just scammed someone Who realy has talent, that someone could have the gold buzzer

  26. kwyjibo33 on

    I’m not sure about the card trick explanation. I had to watch several times, the camera cuts away at the worst possible moment, but you can still see from a distance, and he’s still going through the deck, and when it cuts back to the close up, he finishes off the last couple cards. He starts at the top and finishes at the bottom. Watch several times, it looks like he does show her the whole deck.

  27. Stewie Griffin on

    1) pen color – 24 prerecorded videos
    2) animal cards- 52 prerecorded videos
    3) book- contains passages with random short simple repeating words – all videos
    4) Rubic cube is tricky one, but I think is also done with
    computer, but its not prerecorded, rather someone types in the software the colors, and the video is rendered live with this colors. There is enough time to do that. In the show you can only see 3 sides.
    Or maybe the magic is in the cover box and in the cube with some changing color functions.

  28. Sheila Dreaden on

    So…People should not try to pull off Rubik’s cube tricks in front of cubers. It is impossible from one angle that a corner piece shown by the baby is the same corner piece on Amanda’s mixed cube. Hint: I used my OWN Rubik’s cube because inquiring minds want to know. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I have NO idea how the trick is done, but just that it is wrong on the cube.

  29. Dennis Croucher on

    once you seen all their answers he clicks the remote to prerecorded films that match their answers,then the marked with the word HAT in it is already marked! because the pen is you don`t see to open book or Simon looking for faults.Dennis Croucher.

  30. Mariah Khalil on

    okay actually maybe you should go and watch the video again because he said that the real magic of his act was his life story secondly insulting magicians is not a reveal.and actually you didn’t reveal anything lol because you weren’t sure about it because you keep saying “I think” “I think” and the whole video was “thinking” not “revealing”.so be sure of what you do or don’t even post a video because YOU PISSED ME OFFFF!!!!

  31. ItchyGoomie on

    If a magic trick has a cut scene there is your answer. That trick had a hundred cut scenes. It’s TV. It’s fake.

  32. Fred Sanderson Jr on

    I think you have a pretty good theory but to me is just that it is basically your guesstimate of what happened and I think another person that commented was it was about his life story. Every magic trick has tricks within the trick that’s basically all the way back to Houdini. You may be totally correct you may be totally wrong either way he stated in the beginning he was a magician which means he did tricks so he told you up front that he would be doing tricks go to me no matter what way or gimmick had to be used for him 2 pull off his magic trick actually work at that particular time. So he admittedly said he was a magician and we all know magicians do tricks I like the fact that the trick was about his life story not so much how the trick was done.

  33. Michael Douglass on

    ofcom in the UK would not allow any program to aid in a magic trick. The trick has to work honestly and would have been checked by programme staff to make sure that it meets the guidelines. Marc even made it clear in his act that he wants no slight of hand, in saying this he must do the trick honestly. Itv the channel that the program airs on has had its wrist slapped a few times in the past as tricks that have been preformed were not entirely true and honest to the audience.
    I’m quite annoyed that you have the guts to even be so presumptuous to make out the program makers and the act are lairs.

  34. Dosant on

    On Rubik’s cube one just look at the first picture, center is white square and below its also white, when they reveal the cube it white in the center but below the white center square it switched to yellow, definitely something in the box lol.

  35. Jeffrey Cesario on

    Don’t you have things to do than make up fake reveals or lies. This in not how it’s done. Your guessing.

  36. michelle bontilao on

    can anybody tell m the title of the song before mark exiting the stage..(after you are the reason by scott calum) was very nice..tnx n advnce


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