REVEALED – Mandy Muden’s BGT Audition Magic Trick!

This is the reveal video for Mandy Muden’s magic trick she performed on Britain’s Got Talent. I hope this reveal video made sense for you guys. If you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe for more card and magic trick videos. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Magic Master on

    Hey everyone I’m doing a deck giveaway when I hit 100 subscribers and the bicycle red dragon deck will be the grand prize! There will be other decks but that is the grand prize.

  2. Gordon Tendick on

    Her magic was pretty obvious and sloppy. The pad looked pretty heavy when she was holding it, giving away the first trick. For her second trick, she should have thrown the crumpled paper into a pile so it wasn’t so obvious she was picking up different pages. For the third trick, she could have even given the participant free choice (or multiple choices) and had a bunch of different clever props available. Her male assistant didn’t bring the prop out until after the card was announced. Your explanation is probably correct tho. It’s much easier. Love your videos!

  3. Gordon Tendick on

    I’d love to see your analysis of David Blaine’s recent performance on Jimmy Falon. Probably a card force, but which one?

  4. Jason Irelan on

    This is the one that she used a spread force on or that you used a spread force to teach.
    Take care. God loves you.

  5. Kevin Kasel on

    If you watch the judge has the deck in her hands when she reveals the 3/4 of spades so I am not sure every card but the bottom card was the 4 of spades. Mandy did a different force. The judge is looking through the cards and would have seen if all the cards were the 4 of spades.

  6. Afraim Zahangir on

    It was not a gimmicked card as at the end of the trick Amenda holds the deck when the spades were being revealed…..

  7. Sagar Naik on

    You are absolutely correct, agree with you but this one is the most messed up trick I’ve seen on AGT. Kinda figured it out myself

  8. caragio on

    I think she doesn’t mess up the number 770. But showing mistaken is PART OF HER TRICK! So the audience won’t suspect the pile of papers on the floor. You know, basic psychology. If she acts like she’s fumble, then nobody looks for the perfect trick for the whole show.

  9. politico incorrecto on

    I think the “magic” part her act was primarily a vehicle to demonstrate her comedic talent. A hokey magic act combined with a good comedic delivery is always entertaining and a people pleasing winner. I think she is aware that the magic part is less than top grade. She messes up on purpose, as it provides her the opportunity to inject the comedy. A perfectly executed magic act doesnt allow much room for “funny”. She’s about being funny not being a skilled illusionist. I get it. Im surprised that nobody else does.

  10. The Zanzibarbarian on

    Can I point out that Mandy gave Amanda the pack of cards after, while Amanda was still sitting on the stool. Amanda was looking through the cards remembering the one she had picked out.


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