REVEALED – Magic Maddox’s Rubik’s Cube BGT Audition Trick!

This is the reveal video for Maddox Dixon’s Rubik’s Cube magic trick on Britain’s Got Talent. I hope this reveal video made sense for you guys. If you’re new to my channel make sure to subscribe for more card and magic trick videos. Thanks for watching!


Cube 3:

The Solution Trick:

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  1. Tony Marshman on

    Another awesome video. It’s cool to see an actual breakdown of how these tricks are done without it being snarky kids in the comment section. lol.
    Looking forward to your next card trick vid.

  2. Tejoshmoy Dutta on

    Dont press read more

    told you

    it doesn’t stop here bro

    finnaly as long as giraffe’s neck

    lol i warned you

    i cant think of anything to say sooo…..

    dont think something is gonna happen


  3. Mainul Hasan on

    When I am notified of your video, it feels that this is why I took my phone.

  4. Classic Mail on

    This is like exactly identical to Steven Brundage routine on AGT, absolutely stolen material just two years apart. Bull shit.

  5. Aiden Pretorius on

    I like your channel and your videos helped me to become a magician 🔥🔥🙌
    Keep up the awesome videos😱🤞

  6. Pastor Peewee on

    Thank you for helping me out with your videos man. I learn them from you and use sometimes in my ministry your channel is fantastic keep up the great work. ..I am starting a collection of playing cards if u pick me for your card giveaway that would help alot thanks God bless

  7. Arjun Vapalla on

    Another great tutorial you art great and also your tutorial is pin point accurate.I saw cardshufflers reveal but I didn’t quite understand but yours was awesome keep up the good work mate.Hope you get more and more subscribers.Looking forward for your next video

  8. Muhammed Riza on

    See am being honest here,your videos helped a way lot to get in to magic,and magic has been one my best passion to interact with strangers ,so thank YOU VERY MUCH😊

  9. Aeonboom on

    Google this
    “Enchanted Cube by Fooler Dooler Magic Trick”

    It will take you to an ebay page to buy the exact rubix cube he used, and shows a video showing the exact same spins he did to instantly solve it…

    It’s just a Magic trick, illusion, nothing special.

    Watch Piff the Magic Dragon on Penn & Teller, he often tells the price of how much his “magic” costs at a shop…lol

    Every single MAGIC trick you’ll ever see, can be bought from magic shops.


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