Jay Sankey reveals the incredible magic secrets to moving permanent ink! It’s the perfect ‘next level’ card magic illusion if you want to go beyond beginner magic tricks. Jay makes it easy to learn magic!

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Jay Sankey Magic. Jay Sankey is
a true magician’s magician and is widely considered to be one of the most
original thinkers and finest magic teachers alive today. He is also one of
the most prolific magic creators on the planet. Jay’s original tricks have
been performed by many of the world’s most famous magicians including
David Copperfield, Criss Angel, David Blaine, Dynamo and Keith Barry. Jay
also fooled Penn and Teller on the tv show ‘FOOL US’ and made Toronto’s CN
Tower vanish! Learn fun magic and mentalism tricks from one of the world’s
most experienced performers and teachers. Jay uploads new tutorial videos,
comedy videos, and cartoons every week. Learn the secrets to card tricks,
coin tricks, mentalism and psychic tricks. Jay also reveals the secrets to
his favorite, easy to do street magic tricks!

Date: March 20, 2018

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  1. SankeyMagic on

    Can’t wait to read your comments about your ‘favorite audience!’ We learn so much from EACH OTHER! #grateful

  2. Chia Jing Kang on

    Classmates! Because even though they know you quite well, maybe not too well. And it makes your school life better!

  3. sabinj28 on

    I hate performing for my family… because they are jerks. 😂😂 i love performing for my friends or anyone who has the reactions similar to what i had before i started. The OMG how did you do that reaction. The scene doesnt really matter, if i have anything with me to do a trick and someone wants to see a trick, im prepared for anyone!

  4. David Coleman on

    My favorite audience is kids, because their minds are so simple and to show them something truly amazing is so neat to them. I also like to show them a trick that they can perform for others and they seem to like that a lot as well

  5. alex crawley on

    My favourite audience is my friends, at a party, while they’re mildly intoxicated! This way I can relax, because as a beginner magician my slights are not always perfect. But when my audience is drunk, they never notice! The reactions you get when performing for this audience is also so much more dramatic, and it makes you feel so much more accomplished.

  6. Chris Skipper on

    Thank you for sharing your magic skills. My favorite audience, and only audience at present, is my family.
    With more practice, and even more practice, I hope to evolve to entertaining friends.

  7. Micah Harvey on

    My favorite audience was in an art gallery. They were extremely polite and new to close up magic… having a drink in them first didn’t hurt either lol

  8. Motoburt on

    Spend lots of time visiting in Hospital. Other patients on the ward are my favourite audience. It is great to see their amazement & forget their worries for a moment.

  9. NeptuneNetwork on

    I love performing for the attendees at the Nintendo events I run. It’s a great way to practice. You have a couple people there who got into magic because of my obession with it, fooling them is great. You’ve got kids to adults. People who are easily impressed with a card trick, people who need to see me Hammer a nail into my nose to get a reaction out of them.

  10. RING JANDO on

    Who is the beauty-man? Jay Sankey is in a league of his own. Sweet! Late party performance for an invited audience; private clubs – mostly L.A. And that “touch the magic” . . . thank-you -LOL

  11. Prikshit Dutta on

    My favourite audience is people who like magic and enjoy it I also like performing for strangers in the parks or at playground

  12. bardomm on

    I love to perform to my family, specially to my kids, they play cool you know? like mm here he comes dad again whit a lame magic trick, and they try to figure it out how i did it, a few times one does and i explain him or her how to do it, but when they don’t I don’t tell anything and they end amazed for days trying to do it by themselves.

  13. Nerf Master blaster on

    I love performing to my teachers at school cos they don’t try and figure me out, which I admit I’m not the greatest at saying that “it’s magic” or “there’s no setup”
    They also don’t ask me to “do it again” which really sucks when people ask me to do that with tricks that have a setup

  14. geometal25 on

    I enjoy peforming in smoking areas of clubs! Alcohol makes me more relaxed therefore I seem more confident, while the people who are drunk are enjoying it even more!!! It’s a win win situation!!!

  15. James Jackson on

    Favourite people to perform to is people at party’s, love going up to people and shoving a cigarette into a thumb tip and amazing drunk people. Would love the mirror image trick Jay

  16. Jaime Jimenez on

    My favorite audience to perform for would either be strangers at work since I work restaurant. Also I love to perform for my band members.

  17. Eddie Estes on

    Thanks for the video Jay! I enjoy going out to the smoking area at bars and restaurants and performing for strangers. What’s nice is I can make minor mistakes and because they are somewhat intoxicated, they don’t catch it.

  18. Pete Schreiber on

    Amazing, I did not know this one. Thanks. I like to do tricks for the younger kids, to get them hooked on magic.

  19. Gregg Chase on

    I like doing magic for the people at work , just to get them off guard sometimes. They never know when I might pull something over on them.

  20. Cincinnati Trash on

    My favorite audience are my two sons. I have a 10 and a 7 yo. They let me know immediately whether or not a trick is good with a how did you do that, or what’s in your other hand, dad.

  21. Sky The Flump on

    my favourite audience is strangers at work or people who seem to be having a bad day because magic always seems to make them smile and makes there day better

  22. Alberto Merletti - magicien professionnel à Perpignan (Pyrenees Orientales 66) on

    i love perform for chains. reaction is great 👍🏻

  23. SOH Master on

    I love performing to my grandfather because he never understands anything and always has a good joke to do during or after the effect 👍🏼

  24. lifedoesntimitate000 on

    I hadn’t really ever actively thought about it before, and I find myself surprised by my answer. I think my favorite audience is kids! I remember when I was younger myself, my sister and I would perform for kids and we HATED it! Our big complaint was that kids see magic everywhere they look; the whole world is new and magical to them, you know? So when they see, say, something floating, ignoring the laws of gravity, for the most part, their brain sort of thinks, “Yeah, that seems about right,” and it doesn’t really register as amazing.
    However, as I’ve gotten older, I realize that they’re the absolute best specifically BECAUSE they’re trickier to amaze. To my mind, if you can find the performance in yourself to bewilder a kid, for whom everything seems expected or ordinary, then you’ll have no problem astounding folks who understand a bit better how the world works and how it doesn’t.

  25. Red King on

    My favourite audience to perform in front of is random strangers just in and around the street or even a shopping centre…..

  26. Cooper Bibaud on

    For some reason I cannot replicate the move you show in this video. Either the card underneath bumps against the card on top when trying to slide on top, or 15 cards come with it, or it doesnt budge at all. Loose grips have problems, tighter grips have problems… even when trying it slow I just can’t get it.

  27. Eric Skubish on

    My favorite audience is my pet turtle, Jeramy. I am actually teaching him magic. He’s a bit shy, but when he gets out of his shell he is really entertaining. When I am not showing tricks to Jeramy, I’m showing tricks to girls in bars. Well, actually behind bars. But that’s a whole other story.

  28. Striper Sniper on

    My Favorite Audiance: I like performing for my dad and his friend every Thursday evening. He’s 86 now and on Thursday’s, we still play cribbage which is a very social game. So while I’m shuffling, I get a few minutes to tell a joke or do a quick magic trick. He actually used to perform on stage in a local theatre in the late 1940’s. Sometimes my wife and my mother get to see the magic as well, and if I’m really lucky, my children are around.
    A free trick would be cool and I get that hook, but what I really would like is a professional online school. You get the psycho of magic, and that’s perhaps 75% of magic. This is why I watch your videos. It used to be called patter, but you go beyond that.

  29. Caleb Kasper on

    My favorite audience is the hood because they give the best reactions😂 they think you got superpowers! If I had to pick a second it’d be the one arrogant guy that says he knows how all your tricks are done and looks very closely at your tricks and can’t even guess close to how it was done after there all performed😂

  30. Katie Anne West on

    My favorite audience is for random people on the sidewalk of 2nd street in Nashville Tennessee. (I live in Kentucky, a hour and a half away so this is possible)I haven’t done this much, but when I have, I loved it! I think I like this because I make some random persons day a little more happy and just the amazement look on their face is truly wonderful to see…

  31. Peyton Cali on

    jay sankey rockin’ the banana shirt!! my favorite audience is…. my family i swear jay i commented before i heard you say that! DO NOT ENTER ME PLEASE!!!

  32. [Solo] Pro on

    I definately LOVE to perform for my friends in school coz i can break the school rule like a boss coz magic is just that cool!!!

  33. War Monger on

    My favorite audience are the two year and under group. They spend so much time crying, pooping, and fidgeting that it makes my magic look really impressive.

  34. Stef Zero James on

    Favourite audience for me would be down at the local boozer and he knows I have a few tricks .. “gimme a deck of cards”
    Any deck… any time.any person 👍

  35. andrew buckley on

    I do hope I win, my favourite audience is strangers in a pub. I love it when I start with only one or two and the word gets around…magic

  36. ZapperMagic15 on

    My favourite audience to perform for has to be adults who still believe in magic, because you see the facade of anyone melt away as you perform in front of them and you bring out that sense of wonder you normally only see in children

  37. Jean Paradis on

    My favorite audience are my friends. My least favorite audience, mostly for mathematical type of magic tricks are my son and his wife because they invariably figure them out in about 5 minutes just by talking it over back and forth. They are very smart!! Thanks for your good teaching. I am having a lot of trouble with this trick because my hands are always so dry and cannot grip anything. Any suggestions for this problem?

  38. Priyaleo 123 on

    I love to perform in front of a thinking crowd bcuz it leaves an impression on their mind,and they ponder about it.

  39. Kevin Jones on

    I Love using magic, or should I say Illusions to aid teaching the gospel of Christ, so the best audience would be in a church

  40. Andy Chipling on

    I like performing for my girlfriend in bed. The magic tricks of course…. nothing else what’s the matter with you guys lol.. nothing beats a little bit of sleight of hand. 😁😉

  41. Josh Hall on

    my favorite audience to perform for is strangers at their place of employment (the mall or other store). They try to be professional, they rarely say no when u ask if they wanna see something niffty or cool, and when u catch em off guard their real personality (outside of work) erupts like a volcano and u get a great reaction!

  42. Ifrpilot98 on

    Wow Sankey! I’ve been a fan for years. Got out of magic for a bit. Acquired so many of your effects over the years. Nice to finally put a face to a big part of my collection.

  43. alphaharhoney singh on

    Tgis is a really really good trick my friend got shocked when I showed this trick to them hands off to u

  44. moshe benzaquen on

    I love performing first to a friend I could trust see if the trick goes good and only after then perform to my dad and other friends at school

  45. Quek Seng Leong on

    As a volunteer for underprivileged kids, I love bringing the joy and feeling of amazement through simple tricks 🙂

  46. Mathias Verbruggen on

    My favorite audience is total strangers at music festivals. I had some of my best experiences performing backstage for some metal/rock artists. Man they give you the craziest reactions. Amazing people!

  47. Scott Moore on

    I love performing for my kiddos and their friends. At the house and out and about. To see the look of amazement on their faces is such a joy. And that I may be inspiring a young mind to join the craft. At the very least a memory they will keep close to them. I’d love to add the mirror to my bag of tricks! lol.


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