Learn to make ordinary cards CHANGE with the touch of your hand! Sleight-of-hand magic teacher Jay Sankey shares 3 insane card tricks and makes it easy to learn magic!

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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Jay Sankey Magic. Jay Sankey is
a true magician’s magician and is widely considered to be one of the most
original thinkers and finest magic teachers alive today. He is also one of
the most prolific magic creators on the planet. Jay’s original tricks have
been performed by many of the world’s most famous magicians including
David Copperfield, Criss Angel, David Blaine, Dynamo and Keith Barry. Jay
also fooled Penn and Teller on the tv show ‘FOOL US’ and made Toronto’s CN
Tower vanish! Learn fun magic and mentalism tricks from one of the world’s
most experienced performers and teachers. Jay uploads new tutorial videos,
comedy videos, and cartoons every week. Learn the secrets to card tricks,
coin tricks, mentalism and psychic tricks. Jay also reveals the secrets to
his favorite, easy to do street magic tricks!

Date: May 8, 2018

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  1. SankeyMagic on

    The best way to share these card changes is with a balance of FOCUS and FLOW. You don’t want to look stiff or overly staged, so try to find your own unique sense of timing and grace. LOVE YOU GUYS! #sankeygang

  2. Shawn Stump on

    The difference of a trick and magic is a trick is something that can be learned ot taught. Magic is something that comes naturally

  3. azizi akmal on

    I think the difference is that trick is just to fool people, but magic is the packaging of trick or tricks to make people feel the magic moment

  4. _ LiXolAs on

    i think the trick is the slight of hand stuff you are doing to fool the spectstor but the real magic is your perfomence how you are entertaining the spectator while doing the trick 😀

  5. armaan irani on

    The difference between a trick and magic is that we do tricks everyday even if we realize it or not. Walking is a trick, writing is a trick, speaking is a trick, but with magic, it is a compilation of all tricks put together and made something extraordinary and leaving the audience with a question. 🙂

  6. Cory Sweat on

    A trick is something fun and sleight of hand stuff. Magic is when you can truly connect with the audience and give them an experience that they’ll remember forever!

  7. Martin Greenstein on

    A trick can be a slick move, ho-hum… Magic is mind bending and invites the audience to enter a different realm of reality and possibilities beyond mortal man.

  8. The Haunter's Depot on

    Tricks are for kids! (Obvious cereal product placement comment). Magic is for those with an open mind and a sense of wonder.

  9. Robert Parker on

    The goal of a trick is to…well…trick somebody. Fool them. Bewilder them.

    Magic, on the other hand, is meant to be a communal experience. The goal isn’t just to fool somebody, but instead to entertain them. To make them feel some emotion. Magic is far more intimate.

  10. Tanveer Bhamra on

    Magic is an art form where we try to communicate ideas of our perception of the world we live in, make us question our surroundings or simply to spark wonder. Hence magic can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people as it sparks a wide range of emotions on a number of different levels. A magic trick is a series of sleight and moves which aims to entertain and deceive the spectator.

  11. Michael Kratzer on

    To me a trick is one where you know the magician did something and maybe you can see what it is. Magic is more supernatural, you have no idea how it happens

  12. Kale Dabling on

    Tricks seem to me to be just fluff, something that is easily transparent, while magic creates wonder and delight in the participant.

  13. Max van Iersel on

    i think the difference between a trick and magic is just how the spectator rejects to the trick, and jay sankey thank you for this video because now i am going to get better at palming cards

  14. BubbleGum Button on

    magic and tricks can both be considered allusions, magnetic to the curiosity and can make one rethink of common sense. its true magic may only deceive people but the audience is there to experience and fall for the enjoyment of the deception. magic can keep us at our tiptoes like an adult trying to be a kid again when the magic experience is before them.
    that’s the difference of magic and tricks.

  15. Jacob Boatright on

    To me magic is all in the spectators mind and reactions and a trick is something that is easy for the spectators to figure out!

  16. Star Blaze on

    There might not be a difference
    Cuz the trick is the magic
    So the trick is an illusion to make the magic….

  17. Da Fun E Man on

    A Magic Trick fills a beginner magician’s desire to fool an audience. Magic fills an audience’s desire to experience something real from the magician.

  18. emmanuel rodriguez on

    Hey, man great video love your stuff!!! For me, magic is the art form of the tricks like the time the effort the blood sweat tears type of thing you know where as a trick is just that a trick. A whole lot of people know card tricks out there in the world but not everyone is a magician that’s the difference for me

  19. William Morgan on

    The difference between a trick and “magic” is presentation. If your presentation piques their interest then they will connect with the trick and in their mind make it magical.

  20. Josh Phillips on

    The difference between a trick, and magic, is the fact that a trick, is simply for fun. It’s something you can do at a party or while out and about. Magic, though, magic hits the core. It impacts the viewer. Magic is an art, and if done right, can have a huge effect on someone.

  21. Dante Dentino on

    the difference between a trick and magic is fooling your spectators. the goal of magic i think is too put on a great show for other people not too draw attention yourself

  22. eyewaves on

    A trick has a different effect than Magic. A trick can be thought of cheat, whereas Magic is an entertainment.

  23. Christopher Littlefield on

    a trick is something that a spectator can guess a few possible ways that the feat was accomplished. A piece of magic is something that the spectator can’t even fathom how it was done, and therefore it becomes mystical.


    I’m surely impressed w/ the level of your confidence & eloquent speaking & teaching ability as a mentor. You ooze confidence. And I just happen to stumble across your channel. You & your channel are quite refreshing. The Notification bell alerted me to a new video, and I enjoyed it so very much. Thank you!
    So, I think that the difference between a ‘trick’ and ‘Magic’ would be that a trick is designed to trick the mind, but Magic may involve spirits & Spiritism.

  25. Atom Gallup on

    The difference between a trick and magic is that a trick always happens with a person trying to fool or impress another person (often as ego gratification), but magic can happen even when no one is around. It happens a lot that the interaction with a spectator is more magical than the trick itself.

  26. VibewitSmoove 21 on

    The difference is that a trick is something that is used to just fool someone or just a quick little second of entertainment but magic is more of an experience for the person like you feel as though you’re more involved in an amazing thing

  27. Elliott Scott on

    A trick is an illusion that looks interesting and visual. Magic is something that is so unexplainably unreal that it leaves you questioning reality.

  28. Tusr Baraik on

    For me a trick is what requires some sleight of hand such as ambitious card routine but magic is something which happens naturally and which is unexplainable such as ghost deck !!!👍👍👍

  29. MrShockzine on

    A trick can be explained in some way(misdirection, slight, trick box, etc), magic has no explanation for the viewer.

  30. ariesmars29 on

    I say a trick is a simple store bought prop that really looks like like a prop, and it may fool people, but they clearly know it’s a trick. Magic is similar to a trick but uses props that are real in everyday life that people have most of the time and don’t think that they can gimmicked. Also, there is a reason for doing something with the item, something like a story. “Did you ever wish you could use some salt on that burger?” reach into the air and grab some magic salt and place it on that burger. Then ditch the TT.

  31. Animesh Raut on

    A trick can be anything from a mathematical scramble to balancing a stick on a finger. Magic on the other hand is related to making people’s mind believe that something just happened which cannot happen under the normal laws of nature like making something levitate or restoring torn pieces of paper. People do know that there’s a catch, but they only guess.

  32. Sharp Shooter on

    The difference between a trick and magic is the same as the difference between a girlfriend and a good wife. A girlfriend likes you but might not kast forever. A wife loves you and spends the rest of her life with you.

  33. Erik Snider on

    A trick is just a puzzle; once you know how it works, the trick is boring, as with some gimmick tricks. Magic is just as impressive when you know how it works, such as cup and balls. Everyone knows how it works, but it’s still amazing to watch a good performer.

  34. Zachary Borghello on

    The difference between a trick and MAGIC is that MAGIC is really amazing and a trick is like “I fooled ya”

  35. TheGameChangers on

    A trick is something that leaves a spectator puzzled but magic is like the moment the universe came into existence, it leaves you awestruck and amazed, it’s inexplicable.

  36. John D. Moore on

    I love the color changing tricks. but I have to ask, what’s your opinion on people using other magician’s tricks? I have learned so much from Inside Deception and have even begun to create original tricks with cards. But my repertoire consists of mainly tricks I’ve learned from you and a few others. I am comfortable with the original tricks and don’t want to change them. Do I continue to use most of them and just give credit when necessary? I don’t want to be thought of as stealing tricks.

  37. gilber flores on

    I think a trick is something you can see an end to it, you can predict the result base on the magician techniques, magic on the other hand goes further than what reality is , something that you can’t explain !!

  38. johnnycake358 on

    A trick is figured out or only for a specific type of person. whereas MAGIC is leaving them speechless with all of the professional characteristics, presentation, energy, balance practice practice practice. anyone can do a trick but it takes more to be a magician

  39. Matt Buck on

    A trick to me is when a performance is executed and I feel like I can follow the progression, foresee the outcome, and gauge the merits based off of the ability of the artist. Magic happens when I get pulled into the performance, have no idea where we are going to end up, and then arrive somewhere I was not expecting.

  40. stairsboyz stairs on

    A trick is a bit of movement meant to fool someone but magic is creating a experience for the spectators

  41. David Lambert on

    The difference between a trick and magic is as simple as knowing and not knowing. As a magician its a trick because you know how its done, to the audience its magic because you just did the impossible

  42. Mr. E. Illusions on

    The difference between a trick and magic would have to do with the involvement you can get from the spectator. A trick has low spectator involvement where getting a spectator to really get involved makes it truly magical.

  43. Drew Whitehead on

    The difference between a trick and magic is in a trick, they go into the trick and loose the supposed control of the deck. They get the sense that something is happening, even if they don’t know what. Magic is when they feel confident the entire trick that they know what is going on, only to be proven wrong.

  44. Weston Ding on

    A trick is a piece of performance, but magic is a science and an art. Seeing a trick makes you question your reality but seeing magic leaves you with an enchantment of questioning your reality.

  45. Chace Rehberg on

    Think about a person walking on a staircase in the dark. Maybe the person has counted the steps at some point in the past, but unfortunately they miscounted them, or maybe they’ve walked up and down the stairs numerous times and they are convinced that they know how many steps there are. As they go up the steps in the dark they are convinced that they have 1 more step. As their foot falls past where the step should be to the floor, they’re dumbstruck. There is a real sense of shock and surprise because what they thought they knew became bogus for a split second and they were caught off guard. Compare that to the same scenario, only this time, someone told them there were 13 steps, when there were really only 12. There is still a moment of wonder, but they person is able to reason quickly as to what happened and the surprise goes away quickly. These scenarios, in a loose way, define the difference between magic and a trick based on the feeling of the person on the stairs. When someone shows you a trick, it can be wonderful. It can be magical, but real magic happens in your head. Magic is a perceptive phenomenon that is personal. It’s your experience. A trick may impress you, but magic baffles you. A trick may fool you, but magic humbles you. And a trick may bring you joy, but magic causes you to rethink joy and all of your other emotions entirely. Overall, a trick is a device that allows someone to experience real magic. And magic allows someone to experience ANYTHING.

  46. L. A. on

    A trick may surprise or baffle someone, but magic (if done right) can make someone question reality and get out of their paradigms which is a very cool experience

  47. Brian Stern on

    A trick may result in an expected conclusion. Magic is when the conclusion of the ‘trick’ is totally unexpected.

  48. joe marsden on

    The difference between a trick and magic is about the observer’s perception. And that perception is governed by the performer’s attitude, skill and ability. The performer must almost believe it IS magic in order to convince the observer. If you introduce a trick, perform a trick, then they will see a trick, but if you introduce magic and treat your performance as such then they will SEE magic!

  49. Jason Santizo on

    A trick is almost the same thing as magic .A trick is something involving magic and magic is someone believing what you did has no explanation

  50. Anthony Skatz on

    Presentation, presentation, presentation. I could swear I’ve seen Ricky Jay, the late Eugene Burger, and David Blaine do the same card tricks, and the former present it like the cards are at the whim of whatever tale he’s saying as he’s in complete control; the latter almost acting like he’s some deity with mystical power; and the middle act like a combination of both.

  51. Giaco Pao on

    If you allow me to slightly modify a quote from the Late Great Eugene Burger:
    “While a trick is a puzzle to be solved, Magic is a mystery to be experienced”.

  52. Mitchum K on

    A trick is something that people can figure out or think they have an idea. Magic is something that freaks people out because they have no idea how it was done.

  53. Adam Rogers on

    The difference between a trick and magic is that magic is a beautiful piece of unexplainable imagery whereas a trick has a relatively simple logical explanation

  54. Gerard Heaney on

    I think magic owes canada some major kudos .. to produce both yourself jay and dai vernon , in terms of sheer imagination and ideas UNRIVALED, cant thank you enough

  55. Gerard Heaney on

    Also to answer the question i think the difference between a trick and magic is the effect itself, what image does the audience come away with, he made something disappear as opposed to he sneakily hid something from me using some skill, in order to perform MAGIC the magician first has to strip everything away and to quote dai vernon “be natural”, it should look like magic just sort of happened instead of something skillfully done, the person should go away not even wanting to know how it was done because it was totally impossible, but it must first go back to the magician knowing how to present an effect which is often overlooked

  56. Gurpreet Kochhar on

    I guess the difference is that when people understand the logic and still didn’t pick it. It is a trick;. Magic on the other hand is where they can understand the logic

  57. BDC040905020 on

    The difference between a trick and magic is in the presentation. They arrive at the same destination but it is about whether it is believable.

  58. Rob Mcdade on

    I think the difference between magic and trick is preception. A magician gives the illusion of what your seeing is more real and unexplainable where a trickster or a guy just pulling tricks gives the opposite illusion where the person sees something is going on but can’t quite put their finger on it.

  59. KamoKing on

    The difference between a trick and magic. You can learn a trick in a few hours. But magic can take years to lean and perfect

  60. Trovato on

    I think the biggest difference between the two is that a trick is just a prank, just the slight, just a trick of the eyes. But magic happens in the people’s minds, it’s what they come up with for what actually happened to the coin or the card or whatever is being used.

  61. Debauchery on

    a trick is the methods and sleights put together but the magic is the moment and atmosphere you put together

  62. KaiEr on

    For me, the difference between magic and a trick comes down to the individual’s personality, and is dependent on awareness, inquisitiveness, ignorance, imagination, and/or willingness to accept an explination of the unknown as “magic”. It’s like a sliding scale that is different for each person.

    We see all tricks as “magic” as a child because of our ignorance, but as we become more aware, more things become simply “tricks”. Some view anything without an explination as “magic”, while others believe anything without an explination as simply as a trick they have not figured out yet. Everyone falls into a different group depending on all of those things previously stated.

    I have a background in logic, so I’m always trying to find the A-B-C of everything. I don’t see “magicians”, I see degrees of “tricksters”.

  63. Zenn Magic on

    every time someone asks me if magic is real, this has become my answer. i think of magic as more of an adjective that describes the experience. any time you question something; whether it be be someone performing music, a masterpiece, or a magic trick, ANY time you look at something and think ‘How did they do that!’ that is MAGIC. you create the trick before you perform…but the magic is created in the moment, its the experience and the impact that the spectator is left with!

  64. Absalom DeLuna on

    A trick is when someone performs and effect to fool or tick people and magic is preformed to amaze people and astonishes your audience

  65. David Palmer on

    The difference between a trick and magic has to do with spectator investment. When I’ve seen something tricky, I’ve witnessed the mechanics of a routine. When I experience magic, however, I’m captivated. Some primal part of me is awakened, and I’m drawn in to something beyond the elements of the routine.


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